8 ways to help somebody with anxiety

Don’t give advice if they haven’t asked for itBe available to actively listenHelp them find the support they needDon’t assume they’re okay, ask themDon’t force them to just forget about itRemind them they are loved and cared forrespect...

Say bye to blame

Owning your own actions, attitude and life situations is empowering. When you stop looking outside as to why you are not your best self or not living your best life, you gain the ultimate human edge – taking control of you.

12 things to remember

The past cant be changedOpinions dont define your realityEveryones journey is difficultJudgements are not about you.Overthinking will lead to sadnessHappiness is found withinYour thoughts affect your moodSmiles are contagiousKindness is freeIts okay to let go and move...

Tomorrows Daily Challenge: 18/Sept/19

I write Daily Challenges for the following day, so you can challenge yourself, potentially fight fears, and shape a better future! Tomorrow, complement somebody you have never spoke to before.Tomorrows Daily Challenge: 18/Sept/19

Ways to feel happier and calmer

Recognise you’re doing the best you can, work to your own morals and boundaries, not others, and thats all you can expect form yourselfJournal daily – and count your blessingsTake 5-10 minutes daily to sit in silence and just take in your surroundings,...