If you couldn’t fail…

If you couldn’t fail in your professional life, what would you do?

We are often so scared of being humiliated by the gap between our aspirations and our reality that we don’t even dare to voice any aspiration – thereby conclusively ensuring that it can never come true.

We owe it to ourselves to state what we deep down feel we could do and be – even if it never comes right.

So, in thinking you could never fail, what would you do? Then imagine if failure was the only way you could get there, what failures would need to occur to get there? To be strong enough to stay there?

Now this doesn’t have to be used for just your professional life. Your relationships. Your hobby, sport, something you’ve always wanted to do, what would you be doing if you couldn’t fail.

Anybody who is at the top, has failed. Time and time again. Do not be afraid of failure.

Actions to take away

Create a list of what you would be doing if you couldn’t fail. Then once this list is done, imagine failure is the only way you can get there, list failures that will need to happen for you to become the best at it.

DAILY Inspiration

Career importance

Rank in order of importance for you in your career:

  • Money
  • Status
  • Creativity
  • Social impact
  • colleagues

Our professional aspirations are subject to three forces:

  1. our parents hopes
  2. the expectations of the world
  3. what we feel like doing

The third is the most likely to to suffer and the first two will triumph. It can be many decades into a career before we can acknowledge the horrific fact that we might essentially be working to place a (perhaps now dead) parent. It is probably not too late.

So I advice you to rank these in order of importance to you currently. Then rank them in order of importance of what you’d like them to be. For example I might want creativity to be really important, but money and status take the top spots.

Actions to take away

Rank the given bullet points in order of importance in your career currently. Then re-rank them in your desired order of importance. Then compare them, think of what you will need to do to make the current one equal to the compared one. Maybe its a shift in position at your company, or maybe it means prioritising differently.

DAILY Inspiration


Todays been pretty bland, been to the gym, seen my cousin from down south, but other than that, I’ve just been working from home! So lets get into todays blog.

Thinkitating is a term that people are getting more familiar with.

It would be hard to find a direct definition of this, as its not a proper word and not in a dictionary, but it basically meant you meditate, but you focus on solving a problem. With meditation you meditate with the aim of finding mindfulness, but with thinkitating, you’re thinking about a problem and letting the different thought channels fully expend and the routes be taken on how to solve it.

The best way to thinkitate, is to mediate before hand. You should close your eyes and breath deeply, focusing on the air coming into your body, then back out. This should be done until you feel yourself completely relaxed. Now in the start of meditation, your mind is rushing about as normal, thinking of its current worries and problems. Which is great cause it meant you have somethings to touch on whilst thinkitating.

But if you didn’t come up with any problems then, just think of one or two, and go really deep into the many possibilities of what you can do to get past said problem.

Thinkitating is a truly great tool to master to be able to get past barriers, it can prepare you for upcoming challenges and can generally make you better at problem solving, creating a logical route for your brain to go down overtime you see a problem.

Actions to take away

Today, try to thinkitate for 20 minutes, maybe create a list of problems you want to solve before you dive deep into your brain.


Circle around you

It is said many times by psychologists that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

They determine which conversations dominate your attention. Say your best friend is mad about The Rolling Stones (TRS). Your brain will prioritise this and will funnel data searching for TRS. Say your in a crowded room, everybody speaking the same volume, and somebody says your name, you will more than likely hear it. Because although you might be having your own conversation, and not concentrating on what everybody else is saying, your bran will be constantly searching for key words, your name obviously being one of them.

This is the same for things that are constantly said to you, or take up a chunk of your life, so your friends obsession with TRS, will slowly implant itself in you. This can show that you start to become like the 5 people you spend less time, but this isn’t the only reason, there are LOADS!

Say you are introverted person, who likes football. You are 16 and are re-locating to a new school. You find a group of new friends who become your best friends, but they’re really outgoing and extroverted, you become friends because of your common like of football. In no time, you would be extroverted and outgoing. Now this isn’t to say that your brain chemical levels decided at birth change, but your mental structure alters to this new environment, because your brain is so fucking clever and adapts to new environments very very quickly.

Think about going from a sauna to an ice bath, your body would adapt within seconds, pushing your veins closed to the core of your body, further from your skin, to try keep your blood temperate stable.

This has gone off topic a bit, but it shows how much your body can adapt to your surroundings. So this can be used to our advantage. Say you want to be out going, but your friends are all book worms who aren’t very good at socialising, but you’ve got that desire to be able to talk to people. Start to hang around with people who can do this better.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, hang around with people who own their own business, or who are managers, or who are outgoing.


Some good advice I once heard was this:

  • 33% of your time should be spent with people who have less than you.
  • 33% should be spent with people with similar skills to you.
  • 33% should be spent with people who have more than you.

The first 33%: should be spent with people who have less than you

This 33% of your time should be with people you get to teach. These people will be looking to you for advice in particular skill areas. So why is this important, when you can teach somebody else, it consolidates your knowledge, making you have a fully in-depth understanding.

The second 33%: should be spent with people with similar skills to you

These are the people you will be growing with, they will have a similar set of skills and you will be bouncing constructively with. They will push you, spur you on, be excited when you achieve and be very appreciative when you do the same with them. When working in a group of likemindedness, productivity sky-rockets, so keep these people close when working hard.

The third 33%: should be spent with people who have more than you

These are the people you will learn from. The people who have more than you, who have had a lot more experiences and have the traits and personas you want to achieve. No matter what age you are, you should always be learning, there are always going to be problems to solve and adaptions that can be made.

This is often the hardest 33% as you will have to find mentors who actually have time. Usually the people who you want to be your mentor are out doing great shit, hence why you want them to be your mentors. The best way to do this is to have these people as your friends, as they will be spending your down time with you, so they don’t need to put time aside for mentorship.

Actions to take away

Start to categorise your friends and peers into these groups of 33%, think of people who you want to be like, who want to be like you, and who are heading in the same direction as, and start to interact with them.


Only blame yourself

Getting up in a morning is hard, you don’t have to do it. Why eat healthy? Theres a 50p chocolate bar next to you. School is hard, why not just walk out. Why go to bed on time when theres Xbox to play.

These are common thoughts of people. But you know what the number one reason for these excuses are? “… kept me up all night”, “I couldn’t afford the salad”, “My alarm never went off”, “my teacher is rubbish”, “my parents are unfair”.

People always manage to blame somebody else. Theres always a reason they can’t do something. Why don’t u just shut the fuck up, keep your head down, and be thankful you’ve even got the opportunity to work hard. A lot of peoples work hard is walking 25 miles each day to get their family water. Their hard work is just staying alive.

But you complain about getting up in a morning. Grab temptation by the balls, and twist them so hard he never comes for you again.

You need to train your brain to not give in to temptation. This is a mindset and can be accomplished. One way I find helps me, is every time I get tempted, I think of where I want to be, and that temptation won’t help me get there. If I don’t want to go to the gym, I think of what figure I want, if I don’t want to get up in a morning, I think of how much I can get done before work.

You should also remember this “When you tell yourself you’ll do it later, remember a lot of people don’t get a later”. You shouldn’t push things to do later. By doing this you are taking life for granted, you expect that later will be totally available, that you will find time to do it, and right now, spend that time doing fuck all. Well what if you died between now and then? You wouldn’t have no “later”.


Take the leap.

How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams? And when were you going to come back and do what made you happy?

I see people who work at the same company for their entire lives. They clock in and clock out, and they never had a moment of happiness in their lives.

You have an opportunity. This is a rebirth. 

Most people when they die, you can literally put under their names on their grave “dead but not used up yet”. Because most people go though life holding back. Not giving their all. 85% of people in life allow their fear of failure to outweigh their desire to succeed. 

Were not supposed to tuck out dreams in our pillow when we get up in a morning. Were not supposed to leave them at home, then go and fulfil somebody else dream. Were not supposed to do that, thats not what were wired to do!

Your human spirit doesn’t care about the economy, it doesn’t care about the past. Your human spirit simply says, “whats your command for tomorrow”, “what do you want to create”.

Your brain will always be counting, its there to make you safe. So when it comes to taking the leap forward, to taking the risk, your brain will always tell you to stop, to take a step back. So you have to be willing to play between your brain and your soul. And on some days, you got to just listen to your soul.

You have to sometimes just say, “Fuck it”. And do it anyway, even if your brain screams no.


Everything you want has a cost.

What price are you willing to pay for the things you want? Everything has a price. EVERYTHING. Even things you may not see an upfront price with, they will have one. If its long term, immediately, small or large, everything has one.

This price could be physical, monetary, mental, time, anything. So you have to asses what price you are willing to pay for what you want. Putting value to things can be good, yet dangerous.

For example a Ferarri might be worth £200k, and a house might be £200k. Which has more value? Which price are you willing to pay. Helping somebody might bring you happiness, but its using up valuable time you might not get back when you are meant to be seeing your mum or something.

You have to weigh up prices with values.

Don’t feel pressured to say yes to everybody and everything. If you are looking to get off the ground and get traction in say a business, you might have to say yes to everything to create opportunities, but when you are a bit bigger, or if it’s not for that reason, then you might have to say no sometimes.

Whats more important to you? And what are the costs? Lets hit up some examples

Going out with your mates vs going to see your gran

Price of going to see your mates: You don’t see your nan who you never see anyway and may not be around for long

Price of going to see your gran: You miss out on a really good night out and the potential to socialise and create new relationships

From seeing the costs of something, you not only see the negatives, but the positives. Always ask yourself what prices you are willing to pay for where you want to be. Because if your not willing to pay the prices required, you will not get there.


One more time mentality

Lets start off with an example. Your part of a running club. Everybody is told to run flat out for 10 minutes at the end of each session, everyday. Essentially, the one more time mentality, is just to do anything that is constructing yourself, one more time. So for this example, a runner would do 11 minutes flat out instead of 10, which the rest of his fellow athletes are doing.

Now you will think, but 1 minute isn’t going to make much difference? But after a lot of 1 minutes, it makes a huge difference. For this athlete, by the end of the year, he will have done 365 more minutes of sprinting than the others, which is 6 hours. Obviously there is a lot more to it than just doing something one more time. To be the best you have to do everything else that goes with being the best. But as a booster to help you get there, do one more of what everybody else is doing.

This isn’t one more than whats expected of you, its one more than the best person is doing. Unless you are the best and are expected to do more, then its more than that. So say the best in your class is doing 40 questions a sitting, you do 41. But obviously this isn’t correct if your not doing 41 correctly, or to your full potential, the quality still has to remain, even if the quantity is increasing slightly.

Some more examples:

  • 6 reps at the gym – > 7 reps. 365 more reps!
  • 20 pages of reading – > 21 pages. Basically another book a year.
  • 50 calls at a call centre – 51 calls. 260 more calls a year.

You start to see there are a lot more opportunities when you adapt to the one more mentality. When you see these results, you should be begging for one more. Begging your boss to let you make one more call. Begging your coach to let you do another lap. Because you know in the end, you will be so far ahead of your peers.


What pain do you want?

A lot of people will talk about what they want. Where they want to be. And people will talk all the big talk about how they’re going to get there. But nobody talking about the pain of getting there. If your goal is set high enough, its pretty much inevitable that you will meet failure along the road, and he will kick you back to the start of your journey!

So you should be asking yourself, what pain do I want to endure to get to where I want to be. What pain will make me stronger and more conditioned to sustain being where I want to be. What pain will I more than likely bump into along the way, how can I prepare myself for it.

These sorts of questions can be so important in getting you where you want to be. Meeting failure unexpectedly can throw you off hugely, but if you know what you’re more than likely going to hit, you will be prepared and can attack it viciously, maintaining your forwardness to success.

Now you will more than likely meet unexpected failures and hurdles, it would be hard to predict everything that might come your way. This is why when your doing this analysis, be as crazy as possible. Just think of every situation that could happen, no matter how possible it is. heres an example:

Place I want to be: Owner of a business

No capitalCrowd fund48
partner backs outFind new one,
Go alone
Sell houseLive with mum91
Wife leaves meTake up hobby101

Actions to take away from this blog

Pick a place you want to be, and create a list/table of all the potential failures that could head your way. Do this for as many different failures as possible, and also for as many things you want to accomplish as possible. Go crazy with it, think of stuff as unlikely to happen, and stuff most likely to happen, could be as simple as miss an invoice date.


Why life is so precious

400 trillion to one.

Thats 1/400,000,000,000,000.

This is the chances of being a human being. When you understand this math, how can’t you live your life to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for? I say fuck reading the rest of this blog, go out there and do something you know you’ve been needing to do but been putting it off. Right now.

You have been given this ridiculous triple miracle. You are more likely to win the jackpot on the euromillions 8,888,888 times (9 million times) in your life than be a human being. How fucking ridiculous is that.

So i’m asking you, as a fellow human being, are you going to mess up the greatest opportunity you’ll ever be given by sitting on your sofa and dwelling? Be upset about your short comings? All the stuff that fucked you up this week? Or you going to grasp the chance you’ve been given with both hands so firm, that you fist the world with your motivation and nobody gets in your way.

This is your only chance. I see people walking around like they’re coming back. YOUR NOT COMING BACK! Now I don’t want to impose my beliefs on you that harshly, some of you will believe in after life. I believe if I come back, its not going to be as a human, its going to be as a fucking plant pot or a pencil. Ive been given my opportunity, and the greats above won’t give me another.

So i’m going to act like I’ve only got one life. Im going to act like I’m the only fucking human on the planet and my fate is in my hands! Im expecting nothing from anybody, everything comes from me. My success, my flaws, my mentality, its all influenced by me and how I interpret things.

Tell yourself right now. I will conquer myself. I will love myself. I will dominate in whatever the fuck I want. And if anybody gets in my way? They will be so irrelevant that I will have forgotten about them by tomorrow.