We see our lives in 3 ways. The past. The present. The future.

We tend to focus on the past, dither in the present, and basically ignore the future.

Which is why I like to look at our lives, as stories! We write the story as our life goes on, once an event has happened, the words on the pages cant be erased. But the good thing is, at any given moment, you can decide the next move, the next chapter.

There are hundreds of options to choose from at any opportunity. You could have a gun pointed to your head, you will still have millions of options on what you do next.

You dont have to follow the crowd, if you do, everybodys story will be the same, and nobody will read your book! Your book doesn’t get published until you leave this earth.

So in reality, there will be a lot of pages, a lot of places where you can make the book interesting.

The good thing is, if your book is good, people will follow your book, read it often, talk about it, and there will even be revisions of it as your legacy lives on. Taking your book to further places, as other people live through you!

We are each put on earth to carve out little bit of it, to make a path for ourselves, and those following behind us.

Learn from the past, act for the present and plan for the future