Just do it.

Close your eyes, envision what you want, and just do whatever it takes to get there. Everybody can talk, give reasons why they’re not doing something, why their dream can only remain a dream. very few people are actually committed to laying down the foundations, going through the risk and the embarrassment of getting there.

People will chat shit. People always chat shit. As soon as they realise your doing something that can set you apart from everybody else, they will chat shit. They will generate reasons why you can’t do something. They will do everything in their power to make sure you can’t do something they’re not willing to do.

But we push past this. We say our dreams are too important for somebody else sorrow. If somebody ain’t supporting you, or giving you reasons to stop, they’re not worthy or worrying about. For somebody to take up some of your time, they should be worthy of it. They should be supporting you, treating you like you’re the person you’re trying to be, they will have no doubt you will smash through whatever is stopping you.

Too many people focus on what they haven’t done, and why they can’t do it, nobody is focusing on how they can do it.

As Nike (named after the greek goddess of victory) says, “Just do it.”.

It could threaten everything you’ve built up, everything you’ve succumb to, but if its what you gotta do to get to where you want to be, you gotta just do it. Jump for it. Run after it. Fucking search the entire world for it. Just don’t give in, especially after reaching the first hurdle (which is always the hardest one).


The Average Joes Life.

37.5-40 Hours.

This is the average workweek

Just as some quick math to put things into perspective before I begin:

Say you live to the age of 80.

  • That means in your life, you will spend:
  • 26 years sleeping.
  • 7 years trying to sleep
  • 13 years working
  • 11 years looking into a screen
  • 4.5 years eating.
We've Broken Down Your Entire Life Into Years Spent Doing
After seeing this shit, you should be worried.

So lets turn this into the fucking hustlers life dreaming big.

They will cut out all the bullshit. Making every second as efficient as possible. lets take Elon Musk for example. He works 80-100 hours a week. That means he’s able to do 2-3x as much as the average person does in a year. Which will fucking add up so much.


What did you enjoy doing as a child?

What did you most enjoy doing as a child? Do you get those feelings now?

A good career should be anchored around adult versions of the best childhood hobbies and sensations. When we are a kid we don’t think about the boundaries of adulthood, we don’t think about the degrees needed to enter a certain field, or the money needed to take up a certain sport, we don’t worry at all, we just do what we enjoy, and cry about what we don’t.

So, what did you enjoy doing as a child? This should be a good indicator on what you should be thinking about doing. Now obviously this applies to your situation. For example when I was younger I used to love swimming, I swam 5-6 times a week. Then it got really boring for me, so I don’t swim any more. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy swimming no more, I fucking love going for a swim, but I just don’t enjoy the repetitive lengths every night.

But say you used to love doing something as a kid, it could be playing with trains, planes, cars, cooking, pretending to be a doctor, literally anything, but then it faded away as you became an adult. Maybe your heart sits with these things. Maybe every time you see a plane go past you can call what it is, or wish you were flying it.

Think of what you liked to do as a kid, now think of if your heart still sits with that, because a lot of the time it does.


Don’t be the victim.

We live in an atmosphere where we are all the victim, we all have something to complain about, and something to blame somebody else for. Don’t be the victim. Everybody is so sensitive, making the system bend over backwards for them to feel wanted and secure in an insecure society. Somebody say something mean about you? Oh boo-hoo, grow the fuck up, they’re words, they’re not a punishment held to you for life.

Stop complaining. Just stop. Take a minute to think about what you have complained about today, I bet theres something. The weather, your desk mates bad odour, that prick who nearly ran you over earlier. Now these 3 examples are all things we can’t control, they’re out of our reach, so why bring the negativity into your mind, why allow it to bring you down, when you had no control over it.

So to make sure you really have no excuses, let’s look at things we can control. For example, you got a bad grade in your test today, you got fired, your gaining weight when you’re trying to lose it. These are all things we can control, so instead of complaining, why don’t you look at why it happened, hold accountability against yourself.

So you got bad grades? Did you look into the best revision methods? We’re you not revising enough?

You got fired. Did you miss some important dead lines, not fit in with the work environment, piss off your boss by not listening to him.

You’re gaining weight when trying to lose it. Maybe your eating healthy, but not got a consistent, balanced diet? Maybe your not burning more than you’re consuming.

Theres always something you can hold yourself accountable for. But the most important thing is this, DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON IT! If you make a mistake, acknowledge the mistake, and learn from it, you now know what not to do next time, and you can look out for it and know the signs when that failure is coming to dodge out its way. Everybody who amounted to anything, had to take many losses, many failures, many heartbreaks. A lot of the time you will find that just when you think you’re gaining traction, you will lose it all and land face first in the dirt. But this is the absalout BEST time to get back up! There is nobody with more will than somebody who has lost!

The winner doesn’t have motivation to win again when compared to the loser who wants to beat the winner.

Be accountable. Get back up. And don’t be a fucking victim.


What would you want somebody to like you for?

What would you ideally like someone to feel compassionate towards you for? What would it be beautiful if they could forgive?

Think about it and write it down. What would you want somebody to like you for? For your comedy? Your passion? Your love? Your looks? Your money? Think about what you want people to look up to you for. When somebody asks about you, what people would say straight away.

“Awh yeah he’s really funny”

“Oh my god yeah I know him, he’s loaded”

“Fuck, yeah that girl got crazy fitness”

Whatever it is, you now know where you should be working towards.

Forgiveness is a tricky thing to master, and once you can forgive the harshest sins, you will feel a lot more enlightened, having all the weight lifted off your shoulders.

In christianity, which was dominant for a long time, God witnesses and forgives sinners. As we remain ‘Sinners’, we need to recreate the basic function of witnessing and forgiveness, even if we have to do this gym and for, ourselves.

Think of some of your biggest sins that you would want people to forgive you for. What are you ashamed to tell people, how have you let others down. These are lessons, they shouldn’t be worried over or constantly regretted about, but lessons to move forward, as memories but don’t hold anything for us but emotions. So use them to look forward and not make those mistakes again.


Who are you?

When asked this question, the mind goes blank. The question feels so vast as to be irritating. We can’t easily see inside; we need psychological mirrors. The best mirrors are clever people (psychotherapists ideally) and, when these are lacking, good questions. And a pen and paper to trap our thoughts, which can be as furtive as shy deer.

So, again, who are you?

It’s a question we feel we should know, but typically can’t answer, and after some thought, will either say you don’t know, or will come up with some false, far-fetched answer of who you ideally want to be, who you are telling yourself you are, but who you are still in the progress, or falsely in the progress of becoming.

How do we conquer this question? How do we find the immediate answer, showing the passion we have and certainty to show, that is who we are.

*I suggest making a list, like always. Put it down on anything, back of a fag packet if you must. Write what you currently do, this is the common things. You have a cheese burger every Friday. You get up at 11am every morning, these sorts of things, this will tell you who you are. Now write down who you want to be. And then write down how you are currently trying to get there. Don’t worry if you dont have anything on this part of the list.

Now the final part, write how you will get there. This is important as it will act as a guide to your goals.

So when asked this question, you know now where you are, you are somebody learning to be “xyz..”, you are somebody who is battering themselves to be the best. You are somebody trying their very fucking hardest to show yourself to your parents. You are, the mother fucking person people turn to, the person who will work hardest in the room, you are who you want to be. Now go and be that person.

Actions to take away from this

The actions are listed above, starting with an “*”, follow this list process, and stick to it like glue.


If you couldn’t fail…

If you couldn’t fail in your professional life, what would you do?

We are often so scared of being humiliated by the gap between our aspirations and our reality that we don’t even dare to voice any aspiration – thereby conclusively ensuring that it can never come true.

We owe it to ourselves to state what we deep down feel we could do and be – even if it never comes right.

So, in thinking you could never fail, what would you do? Then imagine if failure was the only way you could get there, what failures would need to occur to get there? To be strong enough to stay there?

Now this doesn’t have to be used for just your professional life. Your relationships. Your hobby, sport, something you’ve always wanted to do, what would you be doing if you couldn’t fail.

Anybody who is at the top, has failed. Time and time again. Do not be afraid of failure.

Actions to take away

Create a list of what you would be doing if you couldn’t fail. Then once this list is done, imagine failure is the only way you can get there, list failures that will need to happen for you to become the best at it.

DAILY Inspiration

Career importance

Rank in order of importance for you in your career:

  • Money
  • Status
  • Creativity
  • Social impact
  • colleagues

Our professional aspirations are subject to three forces:

  1. our parents hopes
  2. the expectations of the world
  3. what we feel like doing

The third is the most likely to to suffer and the first two will triumph. It can be many decades into a career before we can acknowledge the horrific fact that we might essentially be working to place a (perhaps now dead) parent. It is probably not too late.

So I advice you to rank these in order of importance to you currently. Then rank them in order of importance of what you’d like them to be. For example I might want creativity to be really important, but money and status take the top spots.

Actions to take away

Rank the given bullet points in order of importance in your career currently. Then re-rank them in your desired order of importance. Then compare them, think of what you will need to do to make the current one equal to the compared one. Maybe its a shift in position at your company, or maybe it means prioritising differently.

DAILY Inspiration


Todays been pretty bland, been to the gym, seen my cousin from down south, but other than that, I’ve just been working from home! So lets get into todays blog.

Thinkitating is a term that people are getting more familiar with.

It would be hard to find a direct definition of this, as its not a proper word and not in a dictionary, but it basically meant you meditate, but you focus on solving a problem. With meditation you meditate with the aim of finding mindfulness, but with thinkitating, you’re thinking about a problem and letting the different thought channels fully expend and the routes be taken on how to solve it.

The best way to thinkitate, is to mediate before hand. You should close your eyes and breath deeply, focusing on the air coming into your body, then back out. This should be done until you feel yourself completely relaxed. Now in the start of meditation, your mind is rushing about as normal, thinking of its current worries and problems. Which is great cause it meant you have somethings to touch on whilst thinkitating.

But if you didn’t come up with any problems then, just think of one or two, and go really deep into the many possibilities of what you can do to get past said problem.

Thinkitating is a truly great tool to master to be able to get past barriers, it can prepare you for upcoming challenges and can generally make you better at problem solving, creating a logical route for your brain to go down overtime you see a problem.

Actions to take away

Today, try to thinkitate for 20 minutes, maybe create a list of problems you want to solve before you dive deep into your brain.


Circle around you

It is said many times by psychologists that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

They determine which conversations dominate your attention. Say your best friend is mad about The Rolling Stones (TRS). Your brain will prioritise this and will funnel data searching for TRS. Say your in a crowded room, everybody speaking the same volume, and somebody says your name, you will more than likely hear it. Because although you might be having your own conversation, and not concentrating on what everybody else is saying, your bran will be constantly searching for key words, your name obviously being one of them.

This is the same for things that are constantly said to you, or take up a chunk of your life, so your friends obsession with TRS, will slowly implant itself in you. This can show that you start to become like the 5 people you spend less time, but this isn’t the only reason, there are LOADS!

Say you are introverted person, who likes football. You are 16 and are re-locating to a new school. You find a group of new friends who become your best friends, but they’re really outgoing and extroverted, you become friends because of your common like of football. In no time, you would be extroverted and outgoing. Now this isn’t to say that your brain chemical levels decided at birth change, but your mental structure alters to this new environment, because your brain is so fucking clever and adapts to new environments very very quickly.

Think about going from a sauna to an ice bath, your body would adapt within seconds, pushing your veins closed to the core of your body, further from your skin, to try keep your blood temperate stable.

This has gone off topic a bit, but it shows how much your body can adapt to your surroundings. So this can be used to our advantage. Say you want to be out going, but your friends are all book worms who aren’t very good at socialising, but you’ve got that desire to be able to talk to people. Start to hang around with people who can do this better.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, hang around with people who own their own business, or who are managers, or who are outgoing.


Some good advice I once heard was this:

  • 33% of your time should be spent with people who have less than you.
  • 33% should be spent with people with similar skills to you.
  • 33% should be spent with people who have more than you.

The first 33%: should be spent with people who have less than you

This 33% of your time should be with people you get to teach. These people will be looking to you for advice in particular skill areas. So why is this important, when you can teach somebody else, it consolidates your knowledge, making you have a fully in-depth understanding.

The second 33%: should be spent with people with similar skills to you

These are the people you will be growing with, they will have a similar set of skills and you will be bouncing constructively with. They will push you, spur you on, be excited when you achieve and be very appreciative when you do the same with them. When working in a group of likemindedness, productivity sky-rockets, so keep these people close when working hard.

The third 33%: should be spent with people who have more than you

These are the people you will learn from. The people who have more than you, who have had a lot more experiences and have the traits and personas you want to achieve. No matter what age you are, you should always be learning, there are always going to be problems to solve and adaptions that can be made.

This is often the hardest 33% as you will have to find mentors who actually have time. Usually the people who you want to be your mentor are out doing great shit, hence why you want them to be your mentors. The best way to do this is to have these people as your friends, as they will be spending your down time with you, so they don’t need to put time aside for mentorship.

Actions to take away

Start to categorise your friends and peers into these groups of 33%, think of people who you want to be like, who want to be like you, and who are heading in the same direction as, and start to interact with them.