Daily Challenge

Tomorrows Daily Challenge: 17/Aug/19

I write Daily Challenges for the following day, so you can challenge yourself, potentially fight fears, and shape a better future!

Go the whole day without complaining. No “I wish” or “Kevin did…”. Don’t complain, try to not even think a negative thought.

Daily Challenge – 17th/Aug/19

How to change your life in a year

This is going to be a short one today, how to change your life in a year, this isnt to say that these things will change your life to get you to your goals, but it will become so much more stress free and to a better quality.

  • Remove Negative people.
  • Commit 500% to your goals
  • Stay humble
  • Learn from all mistakes – every mistake is an opportunity
  • Keep building relevant skills
  • Reinvent yourself