Get Inspired.

Ideas don’t come out our arse. And they most certainly don’t come from thin air.

You will find, most people who have came up with crazy ideas, ideas they are very passionate, or ideas they have followed through with and pursued to the VERY END- had inspiration.

Our thoughts, and everything internal, is basically dictated by external factors, out surroundings. Your upbringing, is based off of your surroundings, how your parents treated you, who your friends were. You will find if your parents were strong conservatives, and followed each step- you will more than likely be a conservative too, even if you don’t give a toss about politics.

Knowing this, why put yourselves in environments where your inspiration isn’t thriving?

There are places, and actions that will enhance your inspiration, and massively increase your creativity. For each person this is different.

Some may get inspired sitting in a field, listening to the tweeting of birds and the brisk air skim across shallow water.

Some get inspired from the busk of busy streets. Walking down blocks in NewYork, with wild traffic and high concrete buildings surrounding!

For some, its grinding in the gym. A dark cold basement, littered in steel weights, back light flickering, heavy base pounding in the background.

You need to find where you get inspired, what gets your creativity flowing, you will feel ideas naturally flow when you are inspired. Take advantage when you find yourself in this position. I know a lot of people who carry around small notepads. Always ready to make notes of any ideas they have.

It could be a MASSIVE, LIFE CHANGING idea, but if you forget it, you have no chance. So make a note of everything you think. I have a notepad on my phone i always update, meaning i don’t have to carry a note pad around.

Although i do like the authenticity of carrying a notepad 😉