Get Inspired.

Ideas don’t come out our arse. And they most certainly don’t come from thin air.

You will find, most people who have came up with crazy ideas, ideas they are very passionate, or ideas they have followed through with and pursued to the VERY END- had inspiration.

Our thoughts, and everything internal, is basically dictated by external factors, out surroundings. Your upbringing, is based off of your surroundings, how your parents treated you, who your friends were. You will find if your parents were strong conservatives, and followed each step- you will more than likely be a conservative too, even if you don’t give a toss about politics.

Knowing this, why put yourselves in environments where your inspiration isn’t thriving?

There are places, and actions that will enhance your inspiration, and massively increase your creativity. For each person this is different.

Some may get inspired sitting in a field, listening to the tweeting of birds and the brisk air skim across shallow water.

Some get inspired from the busk of busy streets. Walking down blocks in NewYork, with wild traffic and high concrete buildings surrounding!

For some, its grinding in the gym. A dark cold basement, littered in steel weights, back light flickering, heavy base pounding in the background.

You need to find where you get inspired, what gets your creativity flowing, you will feel ideas naturally flow when you are inspired. Take advantage when you find yourself in this position. I know a lot of people who carry around small notepads. Always ready to make notes of any ideas they have.

It could be a MASSIVE, LIFE CHANGING idea, but if you forget it, you have no chance. So make a note of everything you think. I have a notepad on my phone i always update, meaning i don’t have to carry a note pad around.

Although i do like the authenticity of carrying a notepad 😉


How can you afford it?

When we see something we cant afford, we will tell ourselves-

“I can’t afford that”

But when we tell ourselves this, our brains shut off. We don’t use them to think any more, because the possibility of possessing it are completely out the window. But what if we rephrased this.

“How can I afford that”

This makes our brain think. We don’t shut it off, and we start to solutionize how we can get there.

Take for example Gary Vee. Most people probably know Gary, and probably know his dream – of owning the NY Jets. Now you will know that Gary is now very wealthy, in finance, and in assets. But you mightve not known that he has been wanting the Jets for a very long time.

So he got to work. Do you think he wouldve been able to afford the NY Jets before he started a company? No way. But he started going about trying to raise money to one day accomplish his dream.

Now even though Gary is still not the owner of the NY Jets, he is a very lot closer to it now than he was when he first set about his dream.


Check your own behaviours

Its easy for others to tell us what you aren’t, and its sometimes easy for us to tell ourselves what you aren’t. You aren’t on that holiday you said you would save for, you aren’t at the weight you said you would be at, and you haven’t got that promotion you said you have gone for.

Its good to see what we arent, as it can push us to get where we want to be, but sometimes we need to look at what we are. You arent on holiday, but you are in a new home you save your fucking ass off for. You arent the weight you said you would be, but you have spent the past few months appreciating who you are and you have found out you are actually happy with your weight. And you didnt get that promotion, because you decided to work less hours, and spend more time with your kids.

Newtons third law – for every reaction, there is a pro-reaction. For every negative, there is a positive. So look for the positives you currently possess. Because sometimes, you need to look after your present mindset more than your plans.

And best of all – You can be honest with yourself. We never really judge who we are, sit down and map everything out, we let others criticise us, we try to portray a positive image, so others only say nice things and like us. But they don’t see the actual picture, only you do. So assess your own actions.


One Life.

The earth is going to be here for a limited amount of time, and so are you. But no where near as long as the earth. Your life on earth, for most people, is seen as worthless. It has no affect on the earth, for the being in the future, or the ones who had lived.

This is because, most people believe they have to be born with a given purpose, to achieve their dreams and shape the way man kind operates. One thing we all forget is this- nobody comes out the womb with a passion and a dream, apart from being able to survive.

People sculpt their dream and their passions. Nobody is given their ideas, their thoughts, their personality, its shaped over time. Our tastes change, the music we listen to, the people we hang around with, the clothes we wear, it all fluctuates. And this is normal, as our environment changes. Trends come and go, laws come forth, circumstances adapt and recede.

With all this being said, your excuses are bullshit. They don’t qualify. Most of us are dealing with minor shit, shit that others wish they were dealing with instead of their current troubles. so instead of sitting on your ass, doing fuck all, complaining about everything that is thrown your way, you should be fucking catching everything that is thrown your way, and crushing the shit out of it until its got nothing left.

you own your life, nobody dictates it. You don’t have to do anything. If you don’t want to eat, breathe and drink, then don’t. You will die, but nobody is forcing you to do them. So why should you have to do less mandatory tasks? YOU do what YOU want, and YOU build your life how YOU want it to be.


Short but Sweet – Healing

The one who broke you, cannot heal you, Period.


8 ways to help somebody with anxiety

  1. Don’t give advice if they haven’t asked for it
  2. Be available to actively listen
  3. Help them find the support they need
  4. Don’t assume they’re okay, ask them
  5. Don’t force them to just forget about it
  6. Remind them they are loved and cared for
  7. respect their challenges even if you cant understand them
  8. Make sure they know that they are a human, just like everybody else and that every emotion they’re feeling, is just normal, and actually healthy for us to let it all out.

Say bye to blame

Owning your own actions, attitude and life situations is empowering. When you stop looking outside as to why you are not your best self or not living your best life, you gain the ultimate human edge – taking control of you.


12 things to remember

  1. The past cant be changed
  2. Opinions dont define your reality
  3. Everyones journey is difficult
  4. Judgements are not about you.
  5. Overthinking will lead to sadness
  6. Happiness is found within
  7. Your thoughts affect your mood
  8. Smiles are contagious
  9. Kindness is free
  10. Its okay to let go and move on
  11. What goes around, comes around
  12. Things always get better with time

Plain and simple.


Tomorrows Daily Challenge: 12/Sept/19

I write Daily Challenges for the following day, so you can challenge yourself, potentially fight fears, and shape a better future!

Tomorrow, learn a new word. Go to Google and search for “word of the day”, I guarantee you will find a word you dont know.

Tomorrows Daily Challenge: 12/Sept/19

Beneath the skin

Many things lye under your skin. There are a lot of things that we still haven’t discovered. But there is magic happening under the skin. Like waves rushing through your veins, and gentle butterflies resting on your bones. It flows throughout you, connecting your fingers to your toes, and your mind to your soul.

You are a passing through the storm, a light in the dark, a warmth through the brisk morning air. I know you dont feel like it most of the time, and forget who you are. But remember where you came from, the rising, you have pushed through.

Many people will tell you that you’re not ready, that you dont have what it takes, not born into the right environment. But you must dig deep. For those in the future who will rely on you. For those who will side against you. For your loved ones. But most importantly, for yourself.

You are strong and relentless, you dont rest, you dont stop at the first hurdle. You dont rest, you WILL show everybody who the fuck you are.

You weren’t born into this special place with birth rights, you were born with fucking nothing, but ready to take it all. To give it all.

And who wouldve thought you, that person who walked past unnoticed, who everybody bullied and picked on, who everybody said wouldnt do anything with their life, would amount to so much?

All of this lyes under the skin, within you, you have free rein to it, whenever you want, its all accessible. So use it, everybody who ever doubted you, will be your biggest fan, and guess what you say.

heres what you say

fuck right off.