Choosing your life companion

When you choose your life companion, you are choosing a lot of things, very important things. Some including – the person to help raise your child and deeply influence them. Somebody who will eat with you for about 20,000 meals. Somebody to travel with you for about 100 holidays. Your primary leisure time and retirement friend, career therapist, and somebody who’s day you will hear about 18,000 times.

So make sure you aren’t rushing into that shit, because it is a very big commitment.


Stepping stones of success

Going to cut to the chase as usual

  1. Read books and expand your horizon- Most people stop learning after they leave school. The most imporant and most exciting bits of education happen after school!!!!
  2. Always develop yourself – If you stand still and stay static, you lose. Learn new skills, discover new talkens and unfold new potentials. Everybody has talent, and thing is, I cant be fucked with people who say they cant do something because they wernt born into a specific place, with things given to them. Nobody has fucking birth rights to anything. The princes life could be taken in a second his ‘birth right’ to the throne will never be used.
  3. Challenge yourself – Nothing great will ever come from your comfort zone, apart from pleasure, and the thing with pleasure, is its bullshit. Nobody wants pleasure, we want happiness. I could eat a white chocolate cookie (my favourite) and break my three years sugar free, and it might bring me some pleasure, but would it bring me happiness? Stick to your goals, your diets, your lifestyles. Hold youself accountable and push forward.;
  4. Stop giving a fuck – Dont live to show off, fuck what other people think of you. Do not let the fear of other peoples opinions limit you. You need to stick to what your heart desires, no matter who fucking tells you that you cant do it.
  5. Now go and get it – take the first step towards your dream. Dream big, and always be thinking about the next step. Never stay still, because even if you have to take a step back to be able to take 2 steps forward, its better than not taking any steps at all.


Tips for training the brain

Do these everyday, and you will get into a killer habit, that will encourage progression.

  1. Exercise – this will clear the mind and keep you healthy. To be able to work hard, your body has to be energised and healthy.
  2. Read everyday – reading is great for inspiration, for reenergising, and helping your binder of vocabulary expand.
  3. Write down ideas – most people have ideas, but after they have been thought, they float off into the abyss never to be seen again. Writing them down will also make you think about them more, making you more likely to follow through with sed idea
  4. Practice deep listening – nobody ever gets misquoted when listening, you can really learn a lot when you listen instead of talk. But with deep listening, you can practice appreciating your surroundings. In a morning wake up and sit outside, and just look and listen to your surroundings, acknowledge every last sound, the wind through the trees, the splash of water off the birds feathers, the opening of next doors bin, every last sound.
  5. Get out of your comfort zone – there are a lot of things that people will be scared of, fear of failure, of embarrassment, of death. But anything that scares us, is more likely something that will make us stronger. That public speaking event, that business venture, that investment, that proposal. They all take risk, but when you train yourself to take risks and get our your comfort zone, you eliminate static and learn how to make better decisions. Remember, a step back, is not a bad thing. Anything is better than staying static.
  6. Do something different repeatedly – When we do something different, we break the routine, shock the system, keep us on our toes, this is what we need. This combined with the previous point makes a KILLER COMBO!!! Take advantage of these, always mix things up, and remember that when life doesn’t go your way, when you miss your relatives birthday, that meeting or make a mistake, life goes on, and we cant get hungover on shit, cause it will waste so much of our valued life.

Fighting vs peace

You need to learn the difference of when to fight, when when to be peaceful.

A student once went to his master “you teach me fighting, but you always talk about peace. How do you reconcile the two?”.

The master replied “it’s better to be a warrior in a garden, then a gardener in a war”.


Tomorrows Daily Challenge: 28/Aug/19

I write Daily Challenges for the following day, so you can challenge yourself, potentially fight fears, and shape a better future!

Try to make a conversation with a complete stranger

Tomorrows Daily Challenge: 28/Aug/19

Time humbles you

Time humbles you. It humbles you in a way you will never expect and won’t think you need and will never see coming. But it will, just the same. It gives you chances to stand at the top and opportunities to fall. To stand on the stage and to fade into the blur or everybody else. Time teaches you to live the kind of life you ran from once and to dig deeper and deeper into the souls of the hearts that walk this earth with you. But mostly, it teaches you to see. To see what matters and what doesn’t. When an end is a beginning. And when an end is an end.

You’re going to get a bit of it all. You’re going to feel like you’ve got it all handled and you’re completely lost. You’ll feel like you have it all figured out and also like you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. You’re going to change your heart and your eyes and your mind and your style and your footsteps. You’re going to fit in and stand out, be loved and be broken. And I can’t promise you how much of each you’re going to get, but I can promise you one thing. This world – this world is going to know you were here. Mark my words. You are going to carve your name into time.

And it’s going to be remembered.

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3 commandments of wealth

1. Never trust only one source of cash flow – always have more than one income stream

2. Master the secret of closing big deals – get practice closing deals.

3. Catch new trends early – always be looking out, never stay comfortable where you are.


30 habits for happiness

Here are a list of 30 habits which will inevitably lead to happiness if you stick to them. Remember when reading this, the difference between pleasure and happiness. E.g It might not bring you pleasure to eat healthy, as you might want that takeaway instead of the steamed veg.

  1. Be Kind.
  2. Eat Healthy.
  3. Exercise
  4. Meditate
  5. Be Honest
  6. Dream Big
  7. Be Patient
  8. Judge Less
  9. Smile Often
  10. Love Yourself
  11. Forgive Easily
  12. Show Gratitude
  13. Think Positively
  14. Drink Lots of Water
  15. Believe in Yourself
  16. Keep an Open Mind
  17. Put Your Needs First
  18. Dont Make Excuses
  19. Speak Well of Others
  20. Listen To Understand
  21. Choose Faith Over Fear
  22. Make the Most Of Now
  23. Exercise Self-Descipline
  24. Look on the Bright Side
  25. Avoid Social Comparison
  26. See Failure as Opportunity
  27. Don’t Take Opinions to Heart
  28. Select Friends That Lift You Up
  29. Let Go of what Cant Be Changed
  30. Have a Healthy Sleeping Pattern

The Debt Trap

When you finish University, you will be in the real world, straight from school, not really any experience in the working environment and gagging to earn money to start to build your future.

When you finish University, there are a number of different debts you will get yourself into.

  • University Fees for a 3 year course – £27,750
  • Wedding – £18,000
  • Used Car – £6,000
  • House – £200,000

This is over £250,000 in debt, within atleast the first 5-10 years of coming out of university. And it is seen crazy that people don’t want to go to university? People arent losers and setting themselves up for failure just because they havent decided to go to uni.

And if you decided not to go, but later decide you do want to go, then fucking go. People are forced to make one of the biggest decisions of their life when they are only 18 years old (what they want to do to take a course in it), which can add so much fucking stress, when I was in this situation, I really couldn’t be arsed with it all, so I fucked it off and decided I wouldn’t try in my A-Levels, nor bother about looking into uni.

The chance of actually becoming amongst the worlds best, or amounting to any noticeable success, will require unreal amounts of hard work, and the masses of people who attend uni, will only become just above average. With starting salaries of around £30-50k, this could possibly rise to £100k if they’re lucky enough by the end of their working life. It’s only when people start to venture outside of this ‘guided route’ where they start to earn 6 figures and above, it’s the easiest way. Trying to work for somebody and getting this as a wage is extremely hard.


Slavery was not abolished, it was extended to include everybody.

In 1833 the Slavery Abolition Act (1883) was passed. This meant that in most British colonies, slavery was no more.

Well this is what most people think. If we look now, in the 21st century, you would never think of slavery to be present in a western country. But most people are enslaved to something, this something being-

Their job.

People depend on their job for their whole life, they live to work instead of work to live,

They’re put into small office blocks, made to work 37.5-40 hours of their weeks. So if you’re awake for 16 hours a day, spend 30 mins travelling to work and 8 hours at work, then your day of free time it’ll be reduced to 7 hours a day. And let’s be honest. Who the fuck has 7 hours of their day to spare, and if you do, you’re probably wasting it on bullshit like TV.

Most people work, to help somebody else achieve their goal, their bosses and above in the hierarchy of their company,

Work for your own dreams, and do something you love, because if you don’t, your life will go so fucking fast and you will wonder what the fuck you have done with it.