We see our lives in 3 ways. The past. The present. The future.

We tend to focus on the past, dither in the present, and basically ignore the future.

Which is why I like to look at our lives, as stories! We write the story as our life goes on, once an event has happened, the words on the pages cant be erased. But the good thing is, at any given moment, you can decide the next move, the next chapter.

There are hundreds of options to choose from at any opportunity. You could have a gun pointed to your head, you will still have millions of options on what you do next.

You dont have to follow the crowd, if you do, everybodys story will be the same, and nobody will read your book! Your book doesn’t get published until you leave this earth.

So in reality, there will be a lot of pages, a lot of places where you can make the book interesting.

The good thing is, if your book is good, people will follow your book, read it often, talk about it, and there will even be revisions of it as your legacy lives on. Taking your book to further places, as other people live through you!

We are each put on earth to carve out little bit of it, to make a path for ourselves, and those following behind us.

Learn from the past, act for the present and plan for the future


Getting somebody to agree with you

Short one to keep it sweet! 😉

If you are wanting to increase the chances of somebody agreeing with you, nod whilst you are talking.

This will trick the brain into thinking what you are saying, is correct!


Get Inspired.

Ideas don’t come out our arse. And they most certainly don’t come from thin air.

You will find, most people who have came up with crazy ideas, ideas they are very passionate, or ideas they have followed through with and pursued to the VERY END- had inspiration.

Our thoughts, and everything internal, is basically dictated by external factors, out surroundings. Your upbringing, is based off of your surroundings, how your parents treated you, who your friends were. You will find if your parents were strong conservatives, and followed each step- you will more than likely be a conservative too, even if you don’t give a toss about politics.

Knowing this, why put yourselves in environments where your inspiration isn’t thriving?

There are places, and actions that will enhance your inspiration, and massively increase your creativity. For each person this is different.

Some may get inspired sitting in a field, listening to the tweeting of birds and the brisk air skim across shallow water.

Some get inspired from the busk of busy streets. Walking down blocks in NewYork, with wild traffic and high concrete buildings surrounding!

For some, its grinding in the gym. A dark cold basement, littered in steel weights, back light flickering, heavy base pounding in the background.

You need to find where you get inspired, what gets your creativity flowing, you will feel ideas naturally flow when you are inspired. Take advantage when you find yourself in this position. I know a lot of people who carry around small notepads. Always ready to make notes of any ideas they have.

It could be a MASSIVE, LIFE CHANGING idea, but if you forget it, you have no chance. So make a note of everything you think. I have a notepad on my phone i always update, meaning i don’t have to carry a note pad around.

Although i do like the authenticity of carrying a notepad 😉


Compare only with yourself

People proceed through life at different rates. Some sky rocket to their dreams in a matter of months, some never make it.

By comparing yourself to others, you will be down hearted. Not everybody is in the same boat, and people with the same dreams, will have different circumstances, which alter the speeds they get there.

So I suggest comparing yourself, only with you! You need to look at where you are now, to your past, and where you want to be. Are you progressing at the speed you want? If at all? Set yourself milestones for certain dates/times. And try to push yourself to them. If you are smashing your milestones, make them harder, push yourself.


Kill hatred with kindness

We all have times when we get flared up, when somebody or something has just touched one too many of our nerves, and we lash out.

If somebody else is in a shit mood, neutralise that mood with positivity and kindness. They are a negative entity in that moment, which can so easily be passed onto you. So you need to make sure you stay positive.

This can work for anything. Something uncontrollable getting you down?

Kill it with kindness. Change your perspective of it. See what positive is coming from it, or what could potentially come from it. This is a skill that can be mastered over time, and is very important for us to keep pushing foreward.

So next time somebody is being a dick, and just in a horrible mood, neutralise them with positivity. Show them the light!!!!


Why some people hate you

when you start to stand out, people are going to start paying attention to you. This can either be positive, or negative. People are either going to like and support what you do, or they aren’t.

When you are an average Joe, and decide to not do a lot, people wont notice you. You wont be putting strain on other peoples stage light, you wont be jeopardising someone else success.

Don’t be afraid to get in the way of somebody else. We arent on earth to let other people through, sometimes we should, but most of the time we should be bull-dosing through.

Fuck the haters. Fuck the doubters. Just do you. Whatever that is.


How can you afford it?

When we see something we cant afford, we will tell ourselves-

“I can’t afford that”

But when we tell ourselves this, our brains shut off. We don’t use them to think any more, because the possibility of possessing it are completely out the window. But what if we rephrased this.

“How can I afford that”

This makes our brain think. We don’t shut it off, and we start to solutionize how we can get there.

Take for example Gary Vee. Most people probably know Gary, and probably know his dream – of owning the NY Jets. Now you will know that Gary is now very wealthy, in finance, and in assets. But you mightve not known that he has been wanting the Jets for a very long time.

So he got to work. Do you think he wouldve been able to afford the NY Jets before he started a company? No way. But he started going about trying to raise money to one day accomplish his dream.

Now even though Gary is still not the owner of the NY Jets, he is a very lot closer to it now than he was when he first set about his dream.


Mental health

Our health should always be a big priority in our life, and we should pay a lot of attention to it, but often, one of the biggest factors, is frequently missed out.

Our mental health, is just as important as our physical health.

Make sure you are paying attention to what your mind is telling you. Often it can be manipulated, and it might be worth looking into some techniques on how to look after our minds, as our mind controls everything we do and how we perceive everything.


Check your own behaviours

Its easy for others to tell us what you aren’t, and its sometimes easy for us to tell ourselves what you aren’t. You aren’t on that holiday you said you would save for, you aren’t at the weight you said you would be at, and you haven’t got that promotion you said you have gone for.

Its good to see what we arent, as it can push us to get where we want to be, but sometimes we need to look at what we are. You arent on holiday, but you are in a new home you save your fucking ass off for. You arent the weight you said you would be, but you have spent the past few months appreciating who you are and you have found out you are actually happy with your weight. And you didnt get that promotion, because you decided to work less hours, and spend more time with your kids.

Newtons third law – for every reaction, there is a pro-reaction. For every negative, there is a positive. So look for the positives you currently possess. Because sometimes, you need to look after your present mindset more than your plans.

And best of all – You can be honest with yourself. We never really judge who we are, sit down and map everything out, we let others criticise us, we try to portray a positive image, so others only say nice things and like us. But they don’t see the actual picture, only you do. So assess your own actions.


Tips for meditation

Meditation is one of the keys to true happiness, allowing us to fully be in the present and appreciate our surroundings.

Here are some tips I use for getting real benefits from my meditation.

  1. Write down your current mood on a scale of one to ten. one being poor, bottom of the earth, ten being as happy as can be, top of the world.
  2. Get comfy, this could be sitting down, standing up, cross legged, indoors, outside, whatever makes you comfortable for the next 15 minutes.
  3. Once comfy, look around, focus completely on everything around you. Take in all the colours and appreciate everything around you. The shelter you are under, the comfort you are in, the colours you are witnessing, everything you see!
  4. Now close your eyes. Work your way from the bottom of your body to the top. Feel your feet firm on the ground, the feel of the floor applying pressure to the bottom of them. The hairs on your legs slowly raise as a crisp breeze blows them, sending a tingle through you. Your middle section, comfortably sat on a cushion, your finger tips gently resting on the arms of a chair, feeling the smooth wood beneath them. Your shoulders pushed back, fully being able to expand your chest, letting in a huge gasp of air and releasing as much as possible. Up to your sight, the sight of nothing, but the smell of a burning candle, and the sounds of passing cars. Whatever your situation, however you’re positioned and wherever you are, work your way up, and feel everything.
  5. Now focus on breathing, push shoulders back, fully expand your diaphragm, fill your lungs, hold it, then release every last bit of stale air, ready for the next fresh breath.
  6. You should continue to focus on your breathing, but just notice the thoughts that go through your head. We constantly had hundreds of thoughts passing through our consciousness. Just notice what passes through, and try to slow down the traffic.
  7. After 15 minutes of focusing on your breathing, and you feel you have come to a point where are fully relaxed, go back to the note you made earlier on your mood, and compare your mood now, any bets it has elevated!