About Me

My name is Coby Press, I am 19, 6ft, dirty blonde and chill as fuck, like possibly too much for my own good. I live in a town (originally known for its beer Carling) called Burton, still living with my parents and two sisters. For my career I am a software consultant, working for a small company of around 20 employees, called Oe:gen, based in Nottingham, where I’ve been since the start of the year.

My day consists of waking up at 3:30am, going straight to the gym and working one muscle group. I finish the gym by 5:30 and go home to start my intense morning routine. I won’t go into the specifics, but I have an ice cold shower/bath, meditate, end my intermittent fast with a protein shake, followed by porridge, read, do my affirmations etc.

By 6:20 I’m out the door on my 40 minute commute to work. I share lifts with a guy called Neil, where we alternate driving every other day (I drew the short straw to drive 3 days a week where he does 2). Throughout my day I deal with different clients, going to meetings, hosting calls etc. For lunch I have chicken, rice and kidney beans. This doesn’t change, I have it for lunch every fucking day, consistency. In my lunch break I also read for about 40 minutes. I leave work at 3-3:30pm, either dropping Neil off or being dropped off and making my way straight to the gym again for round two.

I will spend 2 hours in the gym working a different muscle group to the morning session. For me, there are five muscle groups I work (lets, back, chest, shoulders & arms), so this will take me two and a half days to complete them all, so in five days I can do them twice, which is what I do, having two rest days.

From the gym I get back home, I don’t have dinner because my intermittent fast starts at 1:45pm (as I start eating at 5:45am), so I can maximise efficiency by washing off and getting ready for bed, and then getting to work on my blog and doing some reading to finish the night off, as well as work on a few other bits I might have going on. Getting off to sleep for around 7:30-8pm, ready to start it all off again. For the weekend I will more than likely spend it all chilling with my girlfriend, still finding a bit of time to do some work and blog of course.

Now I know this plan sounds very rigid and that I’m a stress freak, but honestly, I’m not. If I don’t have time to do something, I either work my time differently, or just fuck it off. Like you don’t need the stress. But I do not let myself get away with doing nothing in replacement to what I should be doing.

So in having a brief intro into my day and a little about me, hopefully this starts to build a bigger picture to understand me. The main things you should take away is this- I am the underdog, I never get up in anybody’s face, but I will always be the hardest working in the background, without doubt.

Now I hope you stay with me on my journey, and I would love to help you with yours.