Kill hatred with kindness

One way to be able to stop getting in a shit mood, is to kill hatred with kindness. You will get a lot of haters, show them the light!

We all have times when we get flared up, when somebody or something has just touched one too many of our nerves, and we lash out.

If somebody else is in a shit mood, neutralise that mood with positivity and kindness. They are a negative entity in that moment, which can so easily be passed onto you. So you need to make sure you stay positive.

This can work for anything. Something uncontrollable getting you down?

Kill it with kindness. Change your perspective of it. See what positive is coming from it, or what could potentially come from it. This is a skill that can be mastered over time, and is very important for us to keep pushing foreward.

So next time somebody is being a dick, and just in a horrible mood, neutralise them with positivity. Show them the light!!!!

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