How can you afford it?

We usually cant afford most things, because we tell ourselves we cant afford most things.

When we see something we cant afford, we will tell ourselves-

“I can’t afford that”

But when we tell ourselves this, our brains shut off. We don’t use them to think any more, because the possibility of possessing it are completely out the window. But what if we rephrased this.

“How can I afford that”

This makes our brain think. We don’t shut it off, and we start to solutionize how we can get there.

Take for example Gary Vee. Most people probably know Gary, and probably know his dream – of owning the NY Jets. Now you will know that Gary is now very wealthy, in finance, and in assets. But you mightve not known that he has been wanting the Jets for a very long time.

So he got to work. Do you think he wouldve been able to afford the NY Jets before he started a company? No way. But he started going about trying to raise money to one day accomplish his dream.

Now even though Gary is still not the owner of the NY Jets, he is a very lot closer to it now than he was when he first set about his dream.

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