Check your own behaviours

Its easy for others to tell us what you aren’t, and its sometimes easy for us to tell ourselves what you aren’t. You aren’t on that holiday you said you would save for, you aren’t at the weight you said you would be at, and you haven’t got that promotion you said you have gone for.

Its good to see what we arent, as it can push us to get where we want to be, but sometimes we need to look at what we are. You arent on holiday, but you are in a new home you save your fucking ass off for. You arent the weight you said you would be, but you have spent the past few months appreciating who you are and you have found out you are actually happy with your weight. And you didnt get that promotion, because you decided to work less hours, and spend more time with your kids.

Newtons third law – for every reaction, there is a pro-reaction. For every negative, there is a positive. So look for the positives you currently possess. Because sometimes, you need to look after your present mindset more than your plans.

And best of all – You can be honest with yourself. We never really judge who we are, sit down and map everything out, we let others criticise us, we try to portray a positive image, so others only say nice things and like us. But they don’t see the actual picture, only you do. So assess your own actions.

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