Meditation is one of the keys to true happiness, allowing us to fully be in the present and appreciate our surroundings.

Here are some tips I use for getting real benefits from my meditation.

  1. Write down your current mood on a scale of one to ten. one being poor, bottom of the earth, ten being as happy as can be, top of the world.
  2. Get comfy, this could be sitting down, standing up, cross legged, indoors, outside, whatever makes you comfortable for the next 15 minutes.
  3. Once comfy, look around, focus completely on everything around you. Take in all the colours and appreciate everything around you. The shelter you are under, the comfort you are in, the colours you are witnessing, everything you see!
  4. Now close your eyes. Work your way from the bottom of your body to the top. Feel your feet firm on the ground, the feel of the floor applying pressure to the bottom of them. The hairs on your legs slowly raise as a crisp breeze blows them, sending a tingle through you. Your middle section, comfortably sat on a cushion, your finger tips gently resting on the arms of a chair, feeling the smooth wood beneath them. Your shoulders pushed back, fully being able to expand your chest, letting in a huge gasp of air and releasing as much as possible. Up to your sight, the sight of nothing, but the smell of a burning candle, and the sounds of passing cars. Whatever your situation, however you’re positioned and wherever you are, work your way up, and feel everything.
  5. Now focus on breathing, push shoulders back, fully expand your diaphragm, fill your lungs, hold it, then release every last bit of stale air, ready for the next fresh breath.
  6. You should continue to focus on your breathing, but just notice the thoughts that go through your head. We constantly had hundreds of thoughts passing through our consciousness. Just notice what passes through, and try to slow down the traffic.
  7. After 15 minutes of focusing on your breathing, and you feel you have come to a point where are fully relaxed, go back to the note you made earlier on your mood, and compare your mood now, any bets it has elevated!
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