One Life.

you are on earth once, you have one life, so why not fucking grab it by the balls and make the most of it.

The earth is going to be here for a limited amount of time, and so are you. But no where near as long as the earth. Your life on earth, for most people, is seen as worthless. It has no affect on the earth, for the being in the future, or the ones who had lived.

This is because, most people believe they have to be born with a given purpose, to achieve their dreams and shape the way man kind operates. One thing we all forget is this- nobody comes out the womb with a passion and a dream, apart from being able to survive.

People sculpt their dream and their passions. Nobody is given their ideas, their thoughts, their personality, its shaped over time. Our tastes change, the music we listen to, the people we hang around with, the clothes we wear, it all fluctuates. And this is normal, as our environment changes. Trends come and go, laws come forth, circumstances adapt and recede.

With all this being said, your excuses are bullshit. They don’t qualify. Most of us are dealing with minor shit, shit that others wish they were dealing with instead of their current troubles. so instead of sitting on your ass, doing fuck all, complaining about everything that is thrown your way, you should be fucking catching everything that is thrown your way, and crushing the shit out of it until its got nothing left.

you own your life, nobody dictates it. You don’t have to do anything. If you don’t want to eat, breathe and drink, then don’t. You will die, but nobody is forcing you to do them. So why should you have to do less mandatory tasks? YOU do what YOU want, and YOU build your life how YOU want it to be.

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