Many things lye under your skin. There are a lot of things that we still haven’t discovered. But there is magic happening under the skin. Like waves rushing through your veins, and gentle butterflies resting on your bones. It flows throughout you, connecting your fingers to your toes, and your mind to your soul.

You are a passing through the storm, a light in the dark, a warmth through the brisk morning air. I know you dont feel like it most of the time, and forget who you are. But remember where you came from, the rising, you have pushed through.

Many people will tell you that you’re not ready, that you dont have what it takes, not born into the right environment. But you must dig deep. For those in the future who will rely on you. For those who will side against you. For your loved ones. But most importantly, for yourself.

You are strong and relentless, you dont rest, you dont stop at the first hurdle. You dont rest, you WILL show everybody who the fuck you are.

You weren’t born into this special place with birth rights, you were born with fucking nothing, but ready to take it all. To give it all.

And who wouldve thought you, that person who walked past unnoticed, who everybody bullied and picked on, who everybody said wouldnt do anything with their life, would amount to so much?

All of this lyes under the skin, within you, you have free rein to it, whenever you want, its all accessible. So use it, everybody who ever doubted you, will be your biggest fan, and guess what you say.

heres what you say

fuck right off.

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