Stepping stones of success

Here are 5 steps to take to help you get to your dreams. Short and sweet. Take them very seriously!

Going to cut to the chase as usual

  1. Read books and expand your horizon- Most people stop learning after they leave school. The most imporant and most exciting bits of education happen after school!!!!
  2. Always develop yourself – If you stand still and stay static, you lose. Learn new skills, discover new talkens and unfold new potentials. Everybody has talent, and thing is, I cant be fucked with people who say they cant do something because they wernt born into a specific place, with things given to them. Nobody has fucking birth rights to anything. The princes life could be taken in a second his ‘birth right’ to the throne will never be used.
  3. Challenge yourself – Nothing great will ever come from your comfort zone, apart from pleasure, and the thing with pleasure, is its bullshit. Nobody wants pleasure, we want happiness. I could eat a white chocolate cookie (my favourite) and break my three years sugar free, and it might bring me some pleasure, but would it bring me happiness? Stick to your goals, your diets, your lifestyles. Hold youself accountable and push forward.;
  4. Stop giving a fuck – Dont live to show off, fuck what other people think of you. Do not let the fear of other peoples opinions limit you. You need to stick to what your heart desires, no matter who fucking tells you that you cant do it.
  5. Now go and get it – take the first step towards your dream. Dream big, and always be thinking about the next step. Never stay still, because even if you have to take a step back to be able to take 2 steps forward, its better than not taking any steps at all.

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