Do these everyday, and you will get into a killer habit, that will encourage progression.

  1. Exercise – this will clear the mind and keep you healthy. To be able to work hard, your body has to be energised and healthy.
  2. Read everyday – reading is great for inspiration, for reenergising, and helping your binder of vocabulary expand.
  3. Write down ideas – most people have ideas, but after they have been thought, they float off into the abyss never to be seen again. Writing them down will also make you think about them more, making you more likely to follow through with sed idea
  4. Practice deep listening – nobody ever gets misquoted when listening, you can really learn a lot when you listen instead of talk. But with deep listening, you can practice appreciating your surroundings. In a morning wake up and sit outside, and just look and listen to your surroundings, acknowledge every last sound, the wind through the trees, the splash of water off the birds feathers, the opening of next doors bin, every last sound.
  5. Get out of your comfort zone – there are a lot of things that people will be scared of, fear of failure, of embarrassment, of death. But anything that scares us, is more likely something that will make us stronger. That public speaking event, that business venture, that investment, that proposal. They all take risk, but when you train yourself to take risks and get our your comfort zone, you eliminate static and learn how to make better decisions. Remember, a step back, is not a bad thing. Anything is better than staying static.
  6. Do something different repeatedly – When we do something different, we break the routine, shock the system, keep us on our toes, this is what we need. This combined with the previous point makes a KILLER COMBO!!! Take advantage of these, always mix things up, and remember that when life doesn’t go your way, when you miss your relatives birthday, that meeting or make a mistake, life goes on, and we cant get hungover on shit, cause it will waste so much of our valued life.
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