The Debt Trap

When you finish University, you will be in the real world, straight from school, gagging to earn money. But surrounded in debt.

When you finish University, you will be in the real world, straight from school, not really any experience in the working environment and gagging to earn money to start to build your future.

When you finish University, there are a number of different debts you will get yourself into.

  • University Fees for a 3 year course – £27,750
  • Wedding – £18,000
  • Used Car – £6,000
  • House – £200,000

This is over £250,000 in debt, within atleast the first 5-10 years of coming out of university. And it is seen crazy that people don’t want to go to university? People arent losers and setting themselves up for failure just because they havent decided to go to uni.

And if you decided not to go, but later decide you do want to go, then fucking go. People are forced to make one of the biggest decisions of their life when they are only 18 years old (what they want to do to take a course in it), which can add so much fucking stress, when I was in this situation, I really couldn’t be arsed with it all, so I fucked it off and decided I wouldn’t try in my A-Levels, nor bother about looking into uni.

The chance of actually becoming amongst the worlds best, or amounting to any noticeable success, will require unreal amounts of hard work, and the masses of people who attend uni, will only become just above average. With starting salaries of around £30-50k, this could possibly rise to £100k if they’re lucky enough by the end of their working life. It’s only when people start to venture outside of this ‘guided route’ where they start to earn 6 figures and above, it’s the easiest way. Trying to work for somebody and getting this as a wage is extremely hard.

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