Slavery was not abolished, it was extended to include everybody.

Most people think of slavery of a think of the past, but is it really?

In 1833 the Slavery Abolition Act (1883) was passed. This meant that in most British colonies, slavery was no more.

Well this is what most people think. If we look now, in the 21st century, you would never think of slavery to be present in a western country. But most people are enslaved to something, this something being-

Their job.

People depend on their job for their whole life, they live to work instead of work to live,

They’re put into small office blocks, made to work 37.5-40 hours of their weeks. So if you’re awake for 16 hours a day, spend 30 mins travelling to work and 8 hours at work, then your day of free time it’ll be reduced to 7 hours a day. And let’s be honest. Who the fuck has 7 hours of their day to spare, and if you do, you’re probably wasting it on bullshit like TV.

Most people work, to help somebody else achieve their goal, their bosses and above in the hierarchy of their company,

Work for your own dreams, and do something you love, because if you don’t, your life will go so fucking fast and you will wonder what the fuck you have done with it.

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