Make money without doing anything?

What can be the best way to make money without doing anything? Having multiple income streams is the way to go forward and have financial freedom.

How can you easily make money? Without technically having to earn each dime that comes into your bank.

My advice- E-books.

E-Books are a great way of putting in a one time effort, and having a stream of income without having to do it. Sometimes you might have to update the book if it gets out of date, or you have new teachings to add to it.

For example, say you have been doing a sport for a few years and have become really good at it, you could create a book with all the secrets, all the tricks and how-to’s and sell it for like £10-20. Sell 10 books a week, that could be £200 each week, £800 a month from a one time effort.

So whatever your expertise, hobby, passion, interest- write about it In an E-Book. Tell people the stuff only somebody with a lot of knowledge on the topic would know, teach them your failures so they don’t have to go through them, and teach them your successes so they know where to head.

If you want any help with writing an E-book, or even advertising it, just ping me a message on Instagram @official.ceco or on here. 🙂

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