Just do it.

Too many people are worried about what might go wrong, what people might say about them, what they might lose. But nobody is focusing on what they could be, what people could be saying about them, what they could have.

Close your eyes, envision what you want, and just do whatever it takes to get there. Everybody can talk, give reasons why they’re not doing something, why their dream can only remain a dream. very few people are actually committed to laying down the foundations, going through the risk and the embarrassment of getting there.

People will chat shit. People always chat shit. As soon as they realise your doing something that can set you apart from everybody else, they will chat shit. They will generate reasons why you can’t do something. They will do everything in their power to make sure you can’t do something they’re not willing to do.

But we push past this. We say our dreams are too important for somebody else sorrow. If somebody ain’t supporting you, or giving you reasons to stop, they’re not worthy or worrying about. For somebody to take up some of your time, they should be worthy of it. They should be supporting you, treating you like you’re the person you’re trying to be, they will have no doubt you will smash through whatever is stopping you.

Too many people focus on what they haven’t done, and why they can’t do it, nobody is focusing on how they can do it.

As Nike (named after the greek goddess of victory) says, “Just do it.”.

It could threaten everything you’ve built up, everything you’ve succumb to, but if its what you gotta do to get to where you want to be, you gotta just do it. Jump for it. Run after it. Fucking search the entire world for it. Just don’t give in, especially after reaching the first hurdle (which is always the hardest one).

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