The Average Joes Life.

The average Joe has a pretty fucking boring life, and you’d be surprised how many people have the life of the average Joe.
Fuck the average Joe.

37.5-40 Hours.

This is the average workweek

Just as some quick math to put things into perspective before I begin:

Say you live to the age of 80.

  • That means in your life, you will spend:
  • 26 years sleeping.
  • 7 years trying to sleep
  • 13 years working
  • 11 years looking into a screen
  • 4.5 years eating.
We've Broken Down Your Entire Life Into Years Spent Doing
After seeing this shit, you should be worried.

So lets turn this into the fucking hustlers life dreaming big.

They will cut out all the bullshit. Making every second as efficient as possible. lets take Elon Musk for example. He works 80-100 hours a week. That means he’s able to do 2-3x as much as the average person does in a year. Which will fucking add up so much.

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