What did you enjoy doing as a child?

What did you most enjoy doing as a child? Do you get those feelings now?

A good career should be anchored around adult versions of the best childhood hobbies and sensations. When we are a kid we don’t think about the boundaries of adulthood, we don’t think about the degrees needed to enter a certain field, or the money needed to take up a certain sport, we don’t worry at all, we just do what we enjoy, and cry about what we don’t.

So, what did you enjoy doing as a child? This should be a good indicator on what you should be thinking about doing. Now obviously this applies to your situation. For example when I was younger I used to love swimming, I swam 5-6 times a week. Then it got really boring for me, so I don’t swim any more. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy swimming no more, I fucking love going for a swim, but I just don’t enjoy the repetitive lengths every night.

But say you used to love doing something as a kid, it could be playing with trains, planes, cars, cooking, pretending to be a doctor, literally anything, but then it faded away as you became an adult. Maybe your heart sits with these things. Maybe every time you see a plane go past you can call what it is, or wish you were flying it.

Think of what you liked to do as a kid, now think of if your heart still sits with that, because a lot of the time it does.

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