Don’t be the victim.

Everybody now is the fucking victim of something. We all have something to complain about, something that is somebody else fault. Why not just shrug your shoulders and move on.

We live in an atmosphere where we are all the victim, we all have something to complain about, and something to blame somebody else for. Don’t be the victim. Everybody is so sensitive, making the system bend over backwards for them to feel wanted and secure in an insecure society. Somebody say something mean about you? Oh boo-hoo, grow the fuck up, they’re words, they’re not a punishment held to you for life.

Stop complaining. Just stop. Take a minute to think about what you have complained about today, I bet theres something. The weather, your desk mates bad odour, that prick who nearly ran you over earlier. Now these 3 examples are all things we can’t control, they’re out of our reach, so why bring the negativity into your mind, why allow it to bring you down, when you had no control over it.

So to make sure you really have no excuses, let’s look at things we can control. For example, you got a bad grade in your test today, you got fired, your gaining weight when you’re trying to lose it. These are all things we can control, so instead of complaining, why don’t you look at why it happened, hold accountability against yourself.

So you got bad grades? Did you look into the best revision methods? We’re you not revising enough?

You got fired. Did you miss some important dead lines, not fit in with the work environment, piss off your boss by not listening to him.

You’re gaining weight when trying to lose it. Maybe your eating healthy, but not got a consistent, balanced diet? Maybe your not burning more than you’re consuming.

Theres always something you can hold yourself accountable for. But the most important thing is this, DO NOT GET HUNG UP ON IT! If you make a mistake, acknowledge the mistake, and learn from it, you now know what not to do next time, and you can look out for it and know the signs when that failure is coming to dodge out its way. Everybody who amounted to anything, had to take many losses, many failures, many heartbreaks. A lot of the time you will find that just when you think you’re gaining traction, you will lose it all and land face first in the dirt. But this is the absalout BEST time to get back up! There is nobody with more will than somebody who has lost!

The winner doesn’t have motivation to win again when compared to the loser who wants to beat the winner.

Be accountable. Get back up. And don’t be a fucking victim.

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