What would you want somebody to like you for?

What would you ideally like someone to feel compassionate towards you for? What would it be beautiful if they could forgive?

Think about it and write it down. What would you want somebody to like you for? For your comedy? Your passion? Your love? Your looks? Your money? Think about what you want people to look up to you for. When somebody asks about you, what people would say straight away.

“Awh yeah he’s really funny”

“Oh my god yeah I know him, he’s loaded”

“Fuck, yeah that girl got crazy fitness”

Whatever it is, you now know where you should be working towards.

Forgiveness is a tricky thing to master, and once you can forgive the harshest sins, you will feel a lot more enlightened, having all the weight lifted off your shoulders.

In christianity, which was dominant for a long time, God witnesses and forgives sinners. As we remain ‘Sinners’, we need to recreate the basic function of witnessing and forgiveness, even if we have to do this gym and for, ourselves.

Think of some of your biggest sins that you would want people to forgive you for. What are you ashamed to tell people, how have you let others down. These are lessons, they shouldn’t be worried over or constantly regretted about, but lessons to move forward, as memories but don’t hold anything for us but emotions. So use them to look forward and not make those mistakes again.

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