Who are you?

Do you know how to answer this question? A lot of people dont

When asked this question, the mind goes blank. The question feels so vast as to be irritating. We can’t easily see inside; we need psychological mirrors. The best mirrors are clever people (psychotherapists ideally) and, when these are lacking, good questions. And a pen and paper to trap our thoughts, which can be as furtive as shy deer.

So, again, who are you?

It’s a question we feel we should know, but typically can’t answer, and after some thought, will either say you don’t know, or will come up with some false, far-fetched answer of who you ideally want to be, who you are telling yourself you are, but who you are still in the progress, or falsely in the progress of becoming.

How do we conquer this question? How do we find the immediate answer, showing the passion we have and certainty to show, that is who we are.

*I suggest making a list, like always. Put it down on anything, back of a fag packet if you must. Write what you currently do, this is the common things. You have a cheese burger every Friday. You get up at 11am every morning, these sorts of things, this will tell you who you are. Now write down who you want to be. And then write down how you are currently trying to get there. Don’t worry if you dont have anything on this part of the list.

Now the final part, write how you will get there. This is important as it will act as a guide to your goals.

So when asked this question, you know now where you are, you are somebody learning to be “xyz..”, you are somebody who is battering themselves to be the best. You are somebody trying their very fucking hardest to show yourself to your parents. You are, the mother fucking person people turn to, the person who will work hardest in the room, you are who you want to be. Now go and be that person.

Actions to take away from this

The actions are listed above, starting with an “*”, follow this list process, and stick to it like glue.

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