If you couldn’t fail…

What would you be doing if you couldn’t fail?

If you couldn’t fail in your professional life, what would you do?

We are often so scared of being humiliated by the gap between our aspirations and our reality that we don’t even dare to voice any aspiration – thereby conclusively ensuring that it can never come true.

We owe it to ourselves to state what we deep down feel we could do and be – even if it never comes right.

So, in thinking you could never fail, what would you do? Then imagine if failure was the only way you could get there, what failures would need to occur to get there? To be strong enough to stay there?

Now this doesn’t have to be used for just your professional life. Your relationships. Your hobby, sport, something you’ve always wanted to do, what would you be doing if you couldn’t fail.

Anybody who is at the top, has failed. Time and time again. Do not be afraid of failure.

Actions to take away

Create a list of what you would be doing if you couldn’t fail. Then once this list is done, imagine failure is the only way you can get there, list failures that will need to happen for you to become the best at it.

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