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Career importance

How important do you feel in your career? Are you a big piece in a small puzzle? Maybe you need to re-prioritise.

Rank in order of importance for you in your career:

  • Money
  • Status
  • Creativity
  • Social impact
  • colleagues

Our professional aspirations are subject to three forces:

  1. our parents hopes
  2. the expectations of the world
  3. what we feel like doing

The third is the most likely to to suffer and the first two will triumph. It can be many decades into a career before we can acknowledge the horrific fact that we might essentially be working to place a (perhaps now dead) parent. It is probably not too late.

So I advice you to rank these in order of importance to you currently. Then rank them in order of importance of what you’d like them to be. For example I might want creativity to be really important, but money and status take the top spots.

Actions to take away

Rank the given bullet points in order of importance in your career currently. Then re-rank them in your desired order of importance. Then compare them, think of what you will need to do to make the current one equal to the compared one. Maybe its a shift in position at your company, or maybe it means prioritising differently.

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