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Use thinkitating to help you solve any problem, all you need is a bit of time.

Todays been pretty bland, been to the gym, seen my cousin from down south, but other than that, I’ve just been working from home! So lets get into todays blog.

Thinkitating is a term that people are getting more familiar with.

It would be hard to find a direct definition of this, as its not a proper word and not in a dictionary, but it basically meant you meditate, but you focus on solving a problem. With meditation you meditate with the aim of finding mindfulness, but with thinkitating, you’re thinking about a problem and letting the different thought channels fully expend and the routes be taken on how to solve it.

The best way to thinkitate, is to mediate before hand. You should close your eyes and breath deeply, focusing on the air coming into your body, then back out. This should be done until you feel yourself completely relaxed. Now in the start of meditation, your mind is rushing about as normal, thinking of its current worries and problems. Which is great cause it meant you have somethings to touch on whilst thinkitating.

But if you didn’t come up with any problems then, just think of one or two, and go really deep into the many possibilities of what you can do to get past said problem.

Thinkitating is a truly great tool to master to be able to get past barriers, it can prepare you for upcoming challenges and can generally make you better at problem solving, creating a logical route for your brain to go down overtime you see a problem.

Actions to take away

Today, try to thinkitate for 20 minutes, maybe create a list of problems you want to solve before you dive deep into your brain.

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