Only blame yourself

Why should you always blame yourself? When you hold yourself accountable, you give yourself less excuses, and more reasons to DO!

Getting up in a morning is hard, you don’t have to do it. Why eat healthy? Theres a 50p chocolate bar next to you. School is hard, why not just walk out. Why go to bed on time when theres Xbox to play.

These are common thoughts of people. But you know what the number one reason for these excuses are? “… kept me up all night”, “I couldn’t afford the salad”, “My alarm never went off”, “my teacher is rubbish”, “my parents are unfair”.

People always manage to blame somebody else. Theres always a reason they can’t do something. Why don’t u just shut the fuck up, keep your head down, and be thankful you’ve even got the opportunity to work hard. A lot of peoples work hard is walking 25 miles each day to get their family water. Their hard work is just staying alive.

But you complain about getting up in a morning. Grab temptation by the balls, and twist them so hard he never comes for you again.

You need to train your brain to not give in to temptation. This is a mindset and can be accomplished. One way I find helps me, is every time I get tempted, I think of where I want to be, and that temptation won’t help me get there. If I don’t want to go to the gym, I think of what figure I want, if I don’t want to get up in a morning, I think of how much I can get done before work.

You should also remember this “When you tell yourself you’ll do it later, remember a lot of people don’t get a later”. You shouldn’t push things to do later. By doing this you are taking life for granted, you expect that later will be totally available, that you will find time to do it, and right now, spend that time doing fuck all. Well what if you died between now and then? You wouldn’t have no “later”.

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