Take the leap.

Sometimes you have to let your soul over rule your brain, and listen to what your gut is telling you

How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams? And when were you going to come back and do what made you happy?

I see people who work at the same company for their entire lives. They clock in and clock out, and they never had a moment of happiness in their lives.

You have an opportunity. This is a rebirth. 

Most people when they die, you can literally put under their names on their grave “dead but not used up yet”. Because most people go though life holding back. Not giving their all. 85% of people in life allow their fear of failure to outweigh their desire to succeed. 

Were not supposed to tuck out dreams in our pillow when we get up in a morning. Were not supposed to leave them at home, then go and fulfil somebody else dream. Were not supposed to do that, thats not what were wired to do!

Your human spirit doesn’t care about the economy, it doesn’t care about the past. Your human spirit simply says, “whats your command for tomorrow”, “what do you want to create”.

Your brain will always be counting, its there to make you safe. So when it comes to taking the leap forward, to taking the risk, your brain will always tell you to stop, to take a step back. So you have to be willing to play between your brain and your soul. And on some days, you got to just listen to your soul.

You have to sometimes just say, “Fuck it”. And do it anyway, even if your brain screams no.

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