Everything you want has a cost.

What price are you willing to pay to where you want to be? Everything has a price!

What price are you willing to pay for the things you want? Everything has a price. EVERYTHING. Even things you may not see an upfront price with, they will have one. If its long term, immediately, small or large, everything has one.

This price could be physical, monetary, mental, time, anything. So you have to asses what price you are willing to pay for what you want. Putting value to things can be good, yet dangerous.

For example a Ferarri might be worth £200k, and a house might be £200k. Which has more value? Which price are you willing to pay. Helping somebody might bring you happiness, but its using up valuable time you might not get back when you are meant to be seeing your mum or something.

You have to weigh up prices with values.

Don’t feel pressured to say yes to everybody and everything. If you are looking to get off the ground and get traction in say a business, you might have to say yes to everything to create opportunities, but when you are a bit bigger, or if it’s not for that reason, then you might have to say no sometimes.

Whats more important to you? And what are the costs? Lets hit up some examples

Going out with your mates vs going to see your gran

Price of going to see your mates: You don’t see your nan who you never see anyway and may not be around for long

Price of going to see your gran: You miss out on a really good night out and the potential to socialise and create new relationships

From seeing the costs of something, you not only see the negatives, but the positives. Always ask yourself what prices you are willing to pay for where you want to be. Because if your not willing to pay the prices required, you will not get there.

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