One more time mentality

What is the one more time mentality? And why is it to affective to becoming the best at your craft?

Lets start off with an example. Your part of a running club. Everybody is told to run flat out for 10 minutes at the end of each session, everyday. Essentially, the one more time mentality, is just to do anything that is constructing yourself, one more time. So for this example, a runner would do 11 minutes flat out instead of 10, which the rest of his fellow athletes are doing.

Now you will think, but 1 minute isn’t going to make much difference? But after a lot of 1 minutes, it makes a huge difference. For this athlete, by the end of the year, he will have done 365 more minutes of sprinting than the others, which is 6 hours. Obviously there is a lot more to it than just doing something one more time. To be the best you have to do everything else that goes with being the best. But as a booster to help you get there, do one more of what everybody else is doing.

This isn’t one more than whats expected of you, its one more than the best person is doing. Unless you are the best and are expected to do more, then its more than that. So say the best in your class is doing 40 questions a sitting, you do 41. But obviously this isn’t correct if your not doing 41 correctly, or to your full potential, the quality still has to remain, even if the quantity is increasing slightly.

Some more examples:

  • 6 reps at the gym – > 7 reps. 365 more reps!
  • 20 pages of reading – > 21 pages. Basically another book a year.
  • 50 calls at a call centre – 51 calls. 260 more calls a year.

You start to see there are a lot more opportunities when you adapt to the one more mentality. When you see these results, you should be begging for one more. Begging your boss to let you make one more call. Begging your coach to let you do another lap. Because you know in the end, you will be so far ahead of your peers.

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