What pain do you want?

What pain are you willing to take? A lot of people are asked what they want, but aren’t willing to go through the pain to get there. This is a better question.

A lot of people will talk about what they want. Where they want to be. And people will talk all the big talk about how they’re going to get there. But nobody talking about the pain of getting there. If your goal is set high enough, its pretty much inevitable that you will meet failure along the road, and he will kick you back to the start of your journey!

So you should be asking yourself, what pain do I want to endure to get to where I want to be. What pain will make me stronger and more conditioned to sustain being where I want to be. What pain will I more than likely bump into along the way, how can I prepare myself for it.

These sorts of questions can be so important in getting you where you want to be. Meeting failure unexpectedly can throw you off hugely, but if you know what you’re more than likely going to hit, you will be prepared and can attack it viciously, maintaining your forwardness to success.

Now you will more than likely meet unexpected failures and hurdles, it would be hard to predict everything that might come your way. This is why when your doing this analysis, be as crazy as possible. Just think of every situation that could happen, no matter how possible it is. heres an example:

Place I want to be: Owner of a business

No capitalCrowd fund48
partner backs outFind new one,
Go alone
Sell houseLive with mum91
Wife leaves meTake up hobby101

Actions to take away from this blog

Pick a place you want to be, and create a list/table of all the potential failures that could head your way. Do this for as many different failures as possible, and also for as many things you want to accomplish as possible. Go crazy with it, think of stuff as unlikely to happen, and stuff most likely to happen, could be as simple as miss an invoice date.

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