Why life is so precious

4 Trillion to 1.
These are the chances of you being alive right now as a human.

400 trillion to one.

Thats 1/400,000,000,000,000.

This is the chances of being a human being. When you understand this math, how can’t you live your life to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for? I say fuck reading the rest of this blog, go out there and do something you know you’ve been needing to do but been putting it off. Right now.

You have been given this ridiculous triple miracle. You are more likely to win the jackpot on the euromillions 8,888,888 times (9 million times) in your life than be a human being. How fucking ridiculous is that.

So i’m asking you, as a fellow human being, are you going to mess up the greatest opportunity you’ll ever be given by sitting on your sofa and dwelling? Be upset about your short comings? All the stuff that fucked you up this week? Or you going to grasp the chance you’ve been given with both hands so firm, that you fist the world with your motivation and nobody gets in your way.

This is your only chance. I see people walking around like they’re coming back. YOUR NOT COMING BACK! Now I don’t want to impose my beliefs on you that harshly, some of you will believe in after life. I believe if I come back, its not going to be as a human, its going to be as a fucking plant pot or a pencil. Ive been given my opportunity, and the greats above won’t give me another.

So i’m going to act like I’ve only got one life. Im going to act like I’m the only fucking human on the planet and my fate is in my hands! Im expecting nothing from anybody, everything comes from me. My success, my flaws, my mentality, its all influenced by me and how I interpret things.

Tell yourself right now. I will conquer myself. I will love myself. I will dominate in whatever the fuck I want. And if anybody gets in my way? They will be so irrelevant that I will have forgotten about them by tomorrow.

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