Education is life

Why schools are shit but education is life.

When most people read the word education, they also see the word school. This is not unusual as the most common housing of education, is in school. But I’m not on about this type of education. Im on about the type of education that gets your heart pumping when you hear the topic, that you can feel inside your body and mind because your so passionate/curious about such topic.

The process of giving or receiving systematic instruction, especially in school or university

– Education

But I see it to mean more than this

Why education isn’t preparing you for life

Education isn’t preparing you for life. It is life itself. You have to go out and experience things to get any meaningful education. Most people who go to university for 3-4 years, will more than likely be learning stuff 3-4 years behind their industry. On top of this, the stuff they learn at uni, they have a very low chance of actually using it in future careers, theres even a low chance of using their degree.

The education system currently is corrupt and generally just fucked. Now a lot of people say this but with no good reason. How can something some widely used, be so shit? It’s dimming people down. Young people, with not much experience in life, and a TONNE of hormones, made to go through quite possibly the most stress ridden time of their life.

School tells you what you can and can’t do in life, what you can and can’t amount to. But with the native shift from intrinsic motivation to extrinsic motivation, there is a massive issue with schools. I believe we as species are driven by the unknown, endowed with the innate desire to learn. However in education, the intrinsic motivation to learn quickly shifts into the extrinsic desire to obtain good grades. Because of this students do minimum work required to get their grades. If they don’t get their grades needed, society will see them as outcast unless they can further prove themselves on their own.

Curiosity is killed.

So what education is good?

Wherever your heart and gut tells you to go. I know from personal experience my parents always told me whatever I was interested in would be a fad. And they might not have been wrong, but this didn’t get rid of my adamancy to try things out anyway and learn for myself. At an early age you need to try to experience as much as possible, and even in an older age, experimenting will help you find what means the world to you.

So go outside and experience shit, travel the world searching for it, communicate to everybody and try to keep a positive mindset whilst doing it all.

Actions to take away

Think about what your current passion is, or if you don’t have one, think about what excites you, and write down way that you could potentially get. better at it or be introduced to it.

For example, say I am fascinated by architecture, but never had the exposure to it. I might research some of the best architecture firms in England and write to them all asking if I can work for them for free. Exposing myself to that environment.

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