So, hopefully you are here to become a better version of yourself, upgrade yourself, become MORE successful. Well, as cliche as it sounds, your in the right fucking place. I don’t give a fuck who you are or what your circumstances are, if you’ve come here, I’m helping you, personally.

You’ve probably watched all the big names talk, but theres still that one question that remains, how do you actually become successful. Like you’ve watched all these motivational clips, all the TED talks, but wheres the progression. Now I’m not saying these guys don’t know their stuff, I look up to MANY of them, but you have to remember, they still have many years in them, and their secrets to success, they aren’t going to willingly give out.

So, what is the best kept secret sitting right in front of you, stopping you from getting to where you want to be? Im not going to tell you to keep reading to find out. It’s consistency, mixed with many many other things, but mainly consistency. You can watch a motivational video and get pumped to go to the gym, then what? Back to square one but with a gym session in you!

My names Coby Press, I’m 19 (for my age, you will be shocked how down to earth I am, and this number assigned to me, should not put you off thinking I don’t know what Im on about).

I currently work as a software consultant for a small company of about 20 employees. I get up at 3:30am, going gym twice a day and push myself to some crazy limits.

I wanted to start this blog to not only motivate people, but to help people get to the best place possible. I want to impact a small amount of people, but with a BIG change. This blog will hopefully be the most transparent and honest you will see on the internet. Currently I read a book a week (give or take) about self development, filling my mental book shelves quite nicely. So I will be compressing all my knowledge to give you the tenacity on life, to be able to tolerate extreme levels of stress (which won’t even be considered stress when I’m done with you) and fuck up the world, because you don’t mould for it, it moulds for you.

Now a lot of people might be thinking “but your not successful, so how can you teach us success”. Although this might be true financially, Id say my brain is trained extremely well, my foundations for success are set up and I just need to work hard. So In my learning process, I can share everything with you, my failures, my successes etc.

I like the idea of having a minimalistic styled blog, but if feedback says differently, Ill change it so my readers feel comfortable.

So I guess all there is to say now is this, follow every last fucking thing I say, I will give you little shit to do each day, do it, even if its once a week just to challenge yourself. But if you do these things, or even just read my blogs, you will train your brain to spot more opportunities, failures before they happen, where help can be given and most of all, how to become one tough mother fucker who can take the whole world by storm and dominate at whatever it is you want, in a zen like manner. Or not, up to you, fuck shit up if thats you haha.

Nice to meet you.

p.s Don’t hold back on messaging me, this is a small blog, so I will personally get back to everybody and will create long lasting relationships with all my readers, just hit me up on the contact page, hope to hear from you soon.